And Now We’re Getting A New Version Of THE FUGITIVE

Albert Hughes will put a new spin on Andrew Davis' 1993 classic.

Here's a bit of remake news that's probably long overdue: according to Deadline, Albert Hughes (one half of the Hughes Bros. team that made the criminally-undervalued The Book of Eli and the appropriately-valued From Hell) has signed on to direct a new version of The Fugitive for Warner Bros. 

This is still early going, so there's no word on who'll star or what exactly this new version of The Fugitive will be about, but if they hold to the formula established in Andrew Davis' 1993 film (and the 1963 TV series that inspired it), the general idea here will be "dude accused of murdering his wife goes on the lam while trying to track down the one-armed man who actually committed the murder". At least, we assume so: Deadline's report also says this'll be a "new spin" on the material, which could mean just about anything. 

Is a Fugitive remake a good idea? If you're trying to top Davis' film, probably not. But if you're simply using the template to tell a new, modernized version of the tale (just think about how differently this story could play out in a world where everyone has a video camera/phone on them at all times), then it's not the worst idea we've ever heard. Let's see what Hughes does with it! 

Nothing further to report at this time, but stay tuned for further Fugitive updates as they roll in.