Elizabeth Banks Will Direct INVISIBLE WOMAN For Universal

Universal's got INVISIBLE fever, and the only prescription is more invisibility.

So, this is interesting: according to Variety, Elizabeth Banks will direct and star in an Invisible Woman movie for Universal. The screenplay's been written by Erin Cressida Wilson, based on a pitch from Banks herself, and beyond that the details are very limited. For the time being, all anyone's saying is that this Invisible movie will be very different from Leigh Whannell's Invisible Man movie, which arrives in February.

Y'know, I doubt many people know this, but Universal released a whole slew of Invisible movies back in the day, starting with the James Whale classic, The Invisible Man (1933). That one was followed seven years later by both The Invisible Man Returns and The Invisible Woman, which in turn was followed by 1942's The Invisible Agent, 1944's The Invisible Man's Revenge, and then - finally, in 1951 - Abbot and Costello Meet The Invisible Man. It's a storied franchise for this studio, in other words; it's just been dormant for many, many decades.

Anyway, Elizabeth Banks' Invisible Woman joins Paul Feig's Dark Army and Dexter Fletcher's Renfield in what may be an unofficial attempt to get the Universal Monsters back in play after the instant failure of Universal's Dark Universe gambit. Is Leigh Whannell's Invisible Man (a co-production of Universal and Blumhouse) also a part of this deal? Is there even a "deal", or is Universal just hot on doing a bunch of monster movies right now? We don't really know, but we'll be happy to watch all this nonsense as it hits theaters. 

Stay tuned for more on Invisible Woman as further updates become available.