BMD Contest: Game of Thrones Season 8

Now you can watch those beloved episodes again and again!

Well, it's over. Game of Thrones premiered on April 17, 2011 and quickly became one of the biggest shows on cable, racking up lots of new HBO subscriptions, strengthening friendships between people with HBO and those who wanted their passwords, and - on occasion - even inspiring people to read, as it was based on George RR Martin's book series, which as of this writing is still unfinished. But the show itself had to wrap up in the spring of 2019, which means the show's creators no longer could draw from the source material, as it didn't exist yet. They were given notes from Martin, so we can assume that his final two books - should they ever surface - won't be a complete 180 from the show's version of these events, but for now the folks who were disappointed (or worse) with the final hours of the TV show direct all of their anger at showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss. 

I personally had no problem with the final season, finding it just as enjoyable as the others (I also never completely fell in love with the show either; I didn't even start watching until season 4 was about to start), but I know I seem to be in the minority. So with that in mind, I thought it'd be fun to ask you to tell me how YOU think the final season should have played out, and I'll be picking my two favorites and sending them Season 8 on Blu-ray, which hits shelves this Tuesday, December 3rd (as does a mega boxed set with all eight seasons!). Do not send in lengthy fan fiction as I'll just ignore it - broad strokes are fine, and in fact preferable. Keep it simple, even something like "Daenerys should have won the throne, with Jon as her Hand, while Cersei got sent to the wall" would be fine by me, though ideally you'd have a LITTLE more depth to it than that. A paragraph, let's say.

Send your responses, along with your name and mailing address (US addresses only, please) to [email protected]. I'll be picking the winners this Tuesday and letting them know that they have won me over with their thoughts! Be creative, have fun, feel free to make fun of other show's polarizing finales in the process ("Jamie becomes a lumberjack in Oregon"), and most importantly remember that if it looks as long as one of Martin's books you have zero chance of winning. Good luck!