Please Enjoy 15 Seconds’ Worth Of NO TIME TO DIE Footage

The full trailer will be along presently.

Is this fifteen second teaser for the No Time to Die trailer worth posting?

I submit to you that it is. 

No, this teaser doesn't tell us anything we could've have guessed, sight-unseen (the new Bond will feature at least one motorcycle stunt; Bond's got a car with machine guns hidden in the headlights; Daniel Craig still looks insanely good in a suit), but what's here is enough to remind us that director Cary Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation, the best season of True Detective) is an absolute baller, and his involvement here has me more excited for a new James Bond movie than I've been since...well, since maybe ever. We have almost no idea what to expect from Craig's last at-bat as 007, but I'm willing to bet that Fukunaga delivers something excellent. Delivering excellence is simply what Cary Fukunaga does.

Anyway, feel free to speculate on the footage above via the comments section below. We'll be back here on Wednesday with the full trailer, hype levels running at an all-time high. Stay tuned.