Wanna Bid On Some Excellent Sci-Fi/Horror Items AND Do Someone A Solid In The Process?

Let's get Patience Robinson-Campos a new liver!

Not to make the understatement of the year, but organ failure sucks. Medical bills suck. Legal expenses suck. The whole process of fighting for your life while fighting the bureaucratic obstacles that would prevent you from recovering is... well, it isn't good, folks.

So that's why we took notice when an email came to the BMD inbox, telling us about Patience Robinson-Campos. If that name doesn't ring a bell, she's a critic with the One Of Us podcast network, and right now she's dying of liver failure. And because she is uninsured, not only does her family have to struggle to pay for the attendant medical bills, but they also need to pay for the legal expenses in order to fight the fact that she's not on the donor list yet. It's an ugly situation, and Patience's family is looking for whatever help they can find.

This is where you come in.

Being the bunch of sci-fi and horror nerds you dear BMD readers all are, you're probably going to be interested in a lot of the items being put up for silent auction to help pay for those expenses. Desperate for a vintage Star Trek lunchbox? They've got ya covered! How about an adorable Funko Godzilla figure? They've got that too! Or maybe you want to see a ton of movies? They have an Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass with one lucky bidder's name on it. There are tons of Blu-rays, artworks, and memorabilia that would be perfect additions to your personal geek collection.

We know you folks are a lovely, generous bunch, so we highly encourage you to go to the silent auction site RIGHT HERE before 8 pm tonight to put some money toward a good cause. It may seem like a small thing to bid on a DVD copy of You're Next signed by Barbara Crampton, but those small acts add up immensely, and we've got the power to really make a difference for Patience and her family!