Hear Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Cover David Bowie’s “Life On Mars?” For WATCHMEN

It's the freakiest show.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for Watchmen S1E7.

If you caught HBO's Watchmen this past Sunday, you almost certainly noticed an incredible needle-drop in the episode's final moments: as Sister Night (Regina King) bashed in the skull of her beloved husband, Cal (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), with a hammer, summoning the God who'd been stowed away inside him all along, a delicate and beautiful cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars?" fell over the scene and played into the credits.

As you can imagine, a Reznor/Ross cover of Bowie's "Life on Mars?" went over very well with the Watchmen crowd; It took all of about five minutes before fans were all over social media, demanding that the tune be released in an official capacity. It would appear that those calls have been answered: last night, Reznor/Ross uploaded an official version to YouTube. 

Wanna hear it? Of course you do.

As you can see in the thumbnail above, Reznor/Ross' "Life on Mars?" cover will be included on the third Watchmen soundtrack release (take a look inside volumes one and two via those hyperlinks), which is scheduled to arrive on December 16th. The cover's a gorgeous piece of work, one made all the more touching by the history shared between Reznor and Bowie (who toured together back in the late '90s and have a history of covering one another's songs). 

It's also not the only Watchmen: Vol. 3 track that got uploaded yesterday: earlier in the day, a big band composition by the name of "The Way It Used To Be" also made its way online. If you happened to miss that the first time around, I've included it for your listening pleasure below:

Fun thing to note here: the above thumbnail's in grey (presumably for the black-and-white flashback sequence in which it appears), the "Life on Mars?" thumbnail's in blue (presumably for Dr. Manhattan), and I'm assuming the first video they uploaded had the font in yellow to denote the classic Watchmen color scheme/superheroes. These guys never miss a trick, do they?

Nothing further to report at this time, but do stay tuned for more on Watchmen and its score as further updates become available.