The First NO TIME TO DIE Character Posters Are Here

A rhapsody in blue, lots of guns too.

The No Time To Die marketing machinery is shifting into high gear: following yesterday’s teaser trailer the film will be doing another Good Morning America takeover tomorrow, Wednesday December 4th, during which the trailer is expected to premiere. To tide us over, MGM have released a set of new character posters for our perusal, so let’s check them out.

First up, of course, is Daniel Craig as James Bond, rocking a layered look with a chunky sweater and some serious tactical gear. That’s a man on a mission, which fits the dirtied-up aesthetic we’ve already seen in production stills and the teaser.

Next we have villain of the piece Safin, played by Rami Malek. There’s a bit of a Dr. No vibe about that turtleneck and long coat, although a head-on view would make it clearer. Perhaps he has something to hide?

On to Léa Seydoux, returning as Madeleine Swann and keeping things very simple in a blue dress which matches the strong choices of palette across the publicity material we’ve seen so far.

Lashana Lynch, playing MI6 agent Nomi, is also rocking that heavy tactical look with an extra bandolier and a bulletproof vest. Following on from the shot of her looking over her shades from the teaser, it’s clear Nomi is not here to mess around.

Ana de Armas’ Paloma had the clear the money shot of the teaser with her Tomb Raider-style dual wield action in a slinky cocktail dress, which we get a better look at here. Bound to become an iconic image, it’s a slice of pure Bond Girl badassery sure to appear on bedroom walls in the future.

Lastly we’ve got Ben Whishaw as Q who, as we saw in the teaser, has significantly upgraded the Aston Martin DB5’s armament. It’s interesting that his poster should be among a batch which omits M and Moneypenny, perhaps hinting that he has a bigger part to play this time around.

Overall, it’s a strong set of images and the title treatment is becoming less jarring with familiarity, aided by the emergence of this consistent and distinctive palette, and it’s already fascinating to ponder exactly how and where this imagery fits into the No Time To Die storyline.

We still have a few mysteries to be cleared up: the return of Christoph Waltz as Blofeld has been reported but not officially confirmed, the characters played by Billy Magnussen and Dali Benssalah are still to be named, and then there’s the thorny matter of who will sing the theme song, although on the basis of the last launch event perhaps we shouldn’t hold our breath for too many answers just yet. In any case, it’s a big week for No Time To Die, and you can rest assured BMD will be here to bring you all the latest news as it happens.

Over to you: coming to terms with this graphic identity? Got some hot theme song suggestions? Looking forward to seeing Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig reunited after Knives Out? Sound off in the comments below.

As of this writing, No Time To Die will be released in selected markets including the UK on April 2nd 2020 and April 8th 2020 worldwide.