Pssst, We’re Giving Away A Signed DANIEL ISN’T REAL Poster

Signed by Patrick Schwarzenegger and director Adam Egypt Mortimer!

We're big fans of Adam Egypt Mortimer's Daniel Isn't Real (which hits select theaters and digital this Friday, don'tcha know), and today we're thrilled to be giving away a signed poster for the film, featuring signatures from Mortimer and Patrick Schwarzenegger, whose performance in the film - as a particularly evil imaginary friend to Miles Robbins - really is one of the year's better low-key surprises.

We don't have a photo of the signed poster to show you, but we do have an image of the poster itself (just imagine two signatures on it somewhere and you'll get the idea):

What've you gotta do to win? Very little! Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite "imaginary friend" movie is and why. On Friday morning (let's call it 10AM CST), we'll randomly select one of the comments below as our winner, at which time I'll respond to you via Disqus and have you drop us a line at the ol' BMD inbox. From there, we'll pass your address along to the Powers That Be, and they'll send you your prize. Easy peasy.

So, hit the comments below and give it a shot! If you hear from me on Friday morning, you've won. Everyone else is encouraged to check out Daniel Isn't Real when it arrives this week. We think y'all are gonna dig this one a lot.