FANGORIA Gets Into The Novella Anthology Game With Mick Garris’ THESE EVIL THINGS WE DO

What evil things? You gotta read to find out.

Looks like the folks over at Fangoria have another book announcement for y'all, but it looks like this one's a little bit different. We recently told you about Preston Fassel's upcoming second novel, Beasts of 42nd Street, and it seemed that Fangoria Presents would continue to only put out premium horror novel content. That changes today with the announcement of These Evil Things We Do: The Mick Garris Collection, an anthology collection from the host of Fangoria's own Post Mortem With Mick Garris podcast.

You all know the drill by now. The press release has the juicy details:

DALLAS, TX (December 4, 2019) –– Since its resurrection in 2018, FANGORIA Magazine has gone back into print as a 100-page quarterly collectible, and the company has published a number of horror novels to accompany the famous genre rag. A new collection from writer/director Mick Garris is set to be the first of its kind published by FANGORIA.

The horror company began a partnership with Garris in 2018 when the FANGORIA Podcast Network acquired his beloved show POST MORTEM WITH MICK GARRIS. Fango and Garris have a new delight for horror fans with THESE EVIL THINGS WE DO: THE MICK GARRIS COLLECTION.

He’s taken you to haunted hotels, into the lairs of dangerous creatures, and even to the end of the world. Now, master of horror Mick Garris wants to invite you along on a journey into the realm of the most terrifying thing of all: man.

“Mick Garris writes like a combination of Robert Bloch and James Ellroy, hardboiled noir with a ghastly little prick of the devil’s own pitchfork,” enthuses legendary horror writer Stephen King.

From a plastic surgeon with a uniquely disturbing approach to his job to a deranged child genius obsessed with his teacher, THESE EVIL THINGS WE DO: THE MICK GARRIS COLLECTION explores mankind’s capacity for limitless evil – and how often that evil hides in plain sight. Previously only available in limited print-runs, this collection brings together four of Garris’ works for the first time in a single volume, along with the brand-new novella, FREE, available exclusively here.

“People who know of my work at all know me mostly for my work as a screenwriter, director and producer in film and television, but for years I’ve lived another life, writing fiction: novels, novellas, short stories. This work doesn’t require the approval of a network or a studio or an advertiser, and with that freedom, my written work goes deeper, darker, more intimate. FANGORIA offers a chance to descend into THE EVIL THINGS WE DO with their new collection of my novel, SALOME, along with four even darker novellas, including the newest – never-before-published FREE,” Garris promises.

The 2020 publishing date of THESE EVIL THINGS will be announced by FANGORIA in the coming months. Fans should look to the FANGORIA social media channels in anticipation of the collection’s release. Indulge your own inner monster and come along for these five fearsome tales of human wickedness… just don’t be tempted to commit any evil deeds of your own.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on when the book settles on a release date and when we get our own grubby mitts on the collection. In the meantime, drop down to the comments to talk up your favorite horror anthologies, either on film or in print.