Please Enjoy 15 Seconds Of New CATS Footage

This year ain't through with us yet.

A new TV spot for Tom Hooper's Cats has arrived, and with it comes a fresh opportunity to be terrified, thrilled, repulsed and/or delighted by its contents (I'm rattling off a number of possible reactions here, because at this point I can't honestly tell where the internet's interest in Cats stops being ironic and starts becoming all too real, but I figure that'll pretty much cover most bases). 

We invite you to look upon it now.

As you can see, there's some new footage in here. There is also the suggestion - as there was on the previous Cats trailer - that the Cat designs have been subtly tweaked and improved since the very first trailer, which sent the internet at large into a goddamn tailspin the day it arrived. One suspects they'll be working on this one right up 'til the last minute...which, as it turns out, is a week from today, when Cats press screenings begin.

Most folks, however, will be seeing Cats when it hits theaters on the 19th, the very same day JJ Abrams' Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters (if you live in Austin, be aware that I'll be hosting a "Rowdy Screening" of Cats at the Alamo Drafthouse that very same evening; you can acquire tickets to said event here), and reminding people of that opening seems to be the primary focus of this TV spot. 

Anyhoo, the long wait is almost over. Soon we will experience Cats. It's been a wild ride, but there is relief in the knowledge that it will soon be over. Stay tuned for more on Cats as further updates become available.