Mark Your Calendars: SHAZAM! 2 Will Be Here In 2022

We can be patient.

Y'know what? Shazam! was pretty great. A legit "pleasant surprise", even.

That David F. Sandberg film arrived earlier this year and left many of us wanting more, but in the time since it feels like we rarely talk about it. Maybe that's because Endgame and Joker soaked up all the superhero oxygen in the room, maybe it's because there are simply too many other things to pay attention to, maybe it's because we haven't known if or when a sequel might arrive. 

If the latter's the culprit, I have good news: according to Deadline, Shazam! 2 now has a release date - April 1st, 2022. That's quite a ways off (more than two years, if you wanna put a fine point on it!), but knowing that it's headed our way and when it'll arrive is something of a relief. We're very curious to see what they do with this particular property, especially with The Rock's Black Adam arriving in December of 2021.

There is, of course, nothing further to report at this time, but please allow the above to serve as a reminder that Shazam! kinda ruled, we're all excited about a sequel, and that maybe we should all take the time to revisit Sandberg's original in the near future. It's on Amazon Prime, just waiting to be rewatched.