The First IN THE HEIGHTS Trailer Has Arrived

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning Best Musical is headed to theaters, courtesy director Jon M. Chu.

A few years ago, back when Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton was all anyone was talking about, a film adaptation of that Tony-winning musical seemed inevitable. Miranda himself would headline it, they'd probably get a big director (someone like Steven Spielberg, maybe) to helm it, and the little show that became a full-blown juggernaut on Broadway would end up becoming a Best Picture contender at the Oscars. 

That's not quite how things turned out! Hollywood did come calling for Miranda, but they brought him in to class up a number of other projects rather than headline a big-budget Hamilton adaptation. The dude's been everywhere these past few years, writing songs for Disney and popping up in guest roles on various TV shows, and now we're finally getting a movie based on one of his stage musicals.

It's just not Hamilton. It's Miranda's other Tony Award-winning musical, In The Heights.

Yup, that's definitely a Lin-Manuel Miranda musical (side note: It's kinda remarkable how immediately identifiable a Lin-Manuel Miranda song has become isn't it? You know one within seconds of hearing it)! It appears Warner Bros. and director Jon M. Chu have spared no expense bringing this one to life, and while it ain't Hamilton, it does already seem like it'll be an awards contender next year, doesn't it? I'll put $5 on it right now.

This one doesn't arrive until next summer, so we've got a ways to go before we're actually watching it. I suspect they'll be going bonkers with the marketing campaign on this one, though, so do stay tuned for further updates, trailers, character posters, and all that jazz between now and In The Heights' June 26th arrival in theaters. Y'all excited for this one or not? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.