PICARD Already Renewed For Season 2

They made it so.

Once upon a time, if a studio greenlit a television show's second season before anyone had even seen season one, that was an indicator of rare quality. “Oh shit, they’re so excited and confident about this one!” In the streaming era, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Too many unknown shows are getting renewed for second seasons for it to matter.

So I’m trying not to get overly excited that Picard already has a second season greenly by CBS. Garbage TV can get second seasons too. Nevertheless, c’mon. It’s Picard! Please just let this be one case where the show knocked everyone’s socks off and they just had to get a second season because it was so goddamn amazing. I really do think my life would substantially improve if Picard were my new favorite show of all time.

I guess the good news here is if Picard is great, we can all relax knowing more is on the way. And if Picard is awful, they will get a chance to fix it.

We’ll find out soon enough. Picard hits January 23. That’s very soon. By the time you get back from all your holiday nonsense, it’s going to be just around the corner. I absolutely cannot wait. I need this. For real.