Yorgos Lanthimos Will Direct THE HAWKLINE MONSTER

This is gonna be one weird friggin' movie.

Here's an exciting bit of news to end your day with: Yorgos Lanthimos, last seen racking up ten Oscar nominations with 2018's The Favourite (and soon-to-be-helming a limited series based on Mark Seal's The Man In The Rockefeller Suit) has also signed on to direct an adaptation of Richard Brautigan's classic gothic western, The Hawkline Monster.

THR has a plot synopsis, for anyone unfamiliar with the book:

"The book, first published in 1974, tells of two unlikely hero gunslingers hired by a 15-year-old girl named Magic Child to kill the monster that lives in ice caves under the basement of a house inhabited by a young woman named Miss Hawkline. What follows is a unique adventure where there is more to Magic Child, Miss Hawkline and the house than meets the eye."

This particular adaptation has been kicking around Hollywood for literal decades. At one point, Hal Ashby was trying to get the project off the ground with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson starring as the two gunslingers. The film never quite came together, though, and years later Tim Burton stepped in to take a crack at it, this time with Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood onboard as the gunslingers. That version also failed to materialize. 

Now Yorgos Lanthimos is up to bat. There's no word on who might headline the film, but with this director involved we're guessing it'll attract some top-shelf talent (Who knows? Maybe Colin Farrell, who starred in Lanthimos' The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer, will get involved), though with The Man In The Rockefeller Suit still on Lanthimos' to-do list it could be a while before we hear anything further.

In any event, we're very excited about this one and eager to learn more. Stand by for further updates as they roll in.