The New COLOR OUT OF SPACE Poster Rules Extremely Hard

In which Richard Stanley's eye-popping Lovecraft adaptation gets a perfect poster.

We're just about a month away from the release of Richard Stanley's Color Out of Space, a movie we cannot wait for all of you to see. Excellent Lovecraft adaptations are few and far between, and this is one of the best we've ever seen (here's my review out of this year's Fantastic Fest, if you missed it the first time around), with trippy visuals, gnarly practical effects and a Nicolas Cage performance for the ages. This one checks all our boxes, and we're pretty confident it's gonna check yours, too.

But while we're waiting on that release date to roll around, here's a brand-new poster for the film, one which perfectly captures all the delirious madness (and eye-popping color!) of Stanley's film.

Check it out:

Pretty great, right? The film's trailer (which you can see here) does a pretty good job of communicating how strange this movie gets, but this poster really sells the wilder elements. Well done, Color Out of Space marketing team (and, even more specifically, well done to frequent Mondo collaborator Matt Taylor, who illustrated this beauty). 

Richard Stanley's Color Out of Space arrives on January 24th. Prepare yourselves.