DOCTOR SLEEP’s Getting A Three-Hour Director’s Cut

Why, that's almost a whole half hour's worth of further Danny Torrance hijinks!

Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep did not set the box office on fire when it arrived back in November, which is a shame: despite the source material (Stephen King's novel of the same name, which ranks among the author's most divisive books) and the very real possibility that attempting to unite King's The Shining with Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of that novel would result in disaster, Flanagan's film delivered. Well-acted, beautifully shot, and featuring more than its fair share of solid scares, Doctor Sleep made for one helluva viewing experience. I wish more of you had seen it! 

But, hey: if that's you, I've got good news. According to Flanagan himself, Doctor Sleep will hit digital streaming platforms and 4K/Blu-ray in just a matter of weeks. What's more: they're releasing a three-hour director's cut of the film, meaning this version will have nearly half an hour's worth of extra material in it. 

We're very curious to see what that extra material might entail. Further spooky goings-on within the Overlook Hotel? More flashbacks to Danny's childhood? A deeper look into the inner workings of the True Knot (the gang of psychic vampires led by an absolutely on-point, top hat-wearing Rebecca Ferguson)? We have no idea, but we can't wait to find out. We also can't wait for more of you to discover this film, which really is worth your time if you consider yourself a Stephen King fan. Take it from me, a hardcore King nerd who couldn't stand the novel upon which Doctor Sleep was based: this is an improvement on the source material, and all the stuff that takes place within the Overlook is handled very cleverly. 

Give it a go when Doctor Sleep hits digital at the end of January, or wait for the physical release. As long as you give it a go, I don't mind either way.