BIRTH.VIDEO.DEATH.: How Did The Sadfie Bros. Convince Adam Sandler To Star In UNCUT GEMS?

And other tales of on-set shenanigans.

Maybe a month or so ago, I had the distinct honor of hosting an advanced screening of A24's Uncut Gems with Benny and Josh Safdie in attendance. That screening wrapped with a very informative (and very funny!) Q&A, but just before the screening I also had the opportunity to sit down with the Safdies and ask 'em a series of questions about their film.

Beyond their own filmography, what other cinematic non-winners (never "losers") were they fans of? How do they split directorial duties while on set? And how the hell did they manage to get Adam Sandler to headline their gritty, darkly funny new film? In a freewheeling interview that runs about 15 minutes, they answered all of these questions and more, including one about the most embarrassing thing they've ever had happen on set. It's a fun chat!

Check it out:

Oh, and while you're here, a gentle reminder: Uncut Gems is now in theaters. You can and should acquire tickets to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse here.