Characters You’ve Heard Of Will Be In THE MANDALORIAN Season Two

Oh, yeah, there’s also going to be a MANDALORIAN season two.

If you’ve been following along with out Mandalorian discussion thread posts, you probably already know how I feel about the show. If not: I like it! I enjoy it when it’s about Baby Yoda, and I (mostly) enjoy it when it’s just a serialized Western. It turns out television might be the best place for Star Wars after all (people who watched its various animated shows already knew this, but I’m late to that party).

Even if I and many others hated the show, we all knew it was going to get a second season. This is a big Disney+ goose, and they have to keep the new stuff coming lest people unsubscribe. So it should come as no surprise that Jon Favreau has announced season two for the show. Maybe a little surprising is that he expects new episodes to arrive this fall. That seems soon, even though it’ll mark about a year since season one premiered, which is somewhat normal for television.

On top of that, IndieWire claims the show’s second season will feature Star Wars folks we’ve seen before: “several established characters from the Skywalker Saga’s feature films mythology will make appearances during the show’s sophomore season.” Does the show need this? Nope! But it’s happening anyway.

So who could these characters be? Well, they’d have to be alive between Jedi and Awakens. And given how humans have a habit of aging, we’re probably looking for alien or droid characters. I’ll leave the rest up to you Star Wars sleuths to suss out.