Netflix’s DRACULA Series Gets A Bloody Good New Trailer

Dracula is back and he's a g.d. smoke show.

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss – the duo behind Sherlock (the Benedict Cumberbatch one) – are bringing a new version of Dracula (the... vampire one) to Netflix following its premiere on the BBC. And, as evidenced by the new and final trailer for the forthcoming series, there are many reasons to watch: 

Okay, setting aside the slow(er), sad(der) cover of Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon," this show looks pretty rad. Claes Bang (The Square) plays the latest iteration of the iconic literary monster, who is, indeed, quite the snack. (Also, the dude's name is Claes BANG. It's like his birthright to be hot or something.) Ol' Drac arrives in a European town somewhere in, I don't know, Europe, and begins seducing and hypnotizing and blood-sucking his way through the villagers like a very sexy crawfish boil. But the local nuns (led by Doll & Em's Dolly Wells) are onto this Dracula guy, probably because they're chaste and thus immune to his dong-charms, so they form a holy vampire-killing cult – which is honestly a little reminiscent of the short-lived Exorcist series on FOX, but I'll allow it because it looks cool as hell. There's also a guy who gives off serious Renfield vibes and is missing all of his fingernails – fingernails – presumably because Dracula ripped them out or he was hungry and fingernails were the least offensive form of self-cannibalism available to him at the time. 

If this trailer looks like your shit, you're in luck: Dracula hits Netflix on January 4, which just so happens to be tomorrow.