Unlock The First Trailer For Netflix’s LOCKE & KEY

It's finally happening!

Fans of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke & Key - the critically-acclaimed IDW horror comic series that ran from 2008 until 2013 - have been waiting for a faithful adaptation of that story for years. FOX originally stepped up to the plate, only to pass on the pilot they eventually shot, and then the same thing happened with Hulu a few years later. For whatever reason, no one seemed capable of delivering a version of this story that network execs could get on board with, and for a long while it seemed as though Locke & Key was destined to stay firmly behind the starting line forever.

And then Netflix came along, greenlighting the show to series almost immediately and announcing a 2020 release date for its first season. Today, we're getting our very first look at the results, and I gotta tell ya: this thing looks pretty great - faithful to the source material, strong production design, and with a tone that can't help but leave us wondering if Locke & Key won't be Netflix's next Stranger Things-sized genre hit.

See what you think.

Pretty cool, right? There are shots here that look like they were lifted directly from the pages of Hill and Rodriguez's books, and it's clear Netflix spared no expense bringing that vision to life (do they ever?)(Okay, okay - except for The I-Land, you're right). Locke & Key tells a spooky, compelling, fantastical story, one that'll very likely be a perfect fit for the platform's binge-watch viewing model. We're pretty hyped.

So, when do you get to see it? February 7th. Less than a month. We've waited this long, Locke & Key fans, surely we can wait a few more weeks. Are y'all as excited about this one as we are? Not so much? Think this thing has a chance of capturing the country's attention like Stranger Things did, or think it'll be too weird for the average viewer? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on this one as further updates become available.