VHYES’ Time Robbins Invites Future Humans To Not Send Messages Of Text In The Theater

Also, some details on when you can finally see this delightful movie.

It shouldn’t be a secret that we love VHYes here at BMD. Or at least I do; I’m not sure who else saw it. But I wrote the damn review and a sentence of it appears in one of the trailers, so my fondness is on record.

Others at Drafthouse agree and VHYes is going to get a run as a Fantastic Fest Presents title. This means it’s going to get a small run of theatrical showings at Drafthouses all over the place. (Click here to check out some showtimes and tickets.) The whole thing is getting kicked off with a Livestream Q&A on January 12 that will include the filmmakers as well as Tim Robbins, Kerry Kenney, John Gemberling and more. You should go!

This all brings me to a really funny VHYes Don’t Talk PSA delivered by none other than Time Robbins himself. Have a look, as it offers a pretty good idea of what VHYes has in store for you: