We’re Getting Another Host-Free Oscars Ceremony This Year

Ten bucks says it still runs way too long.

Here's one for the "Yeah, that's fine" files: while speaking at the Television Critics Association conference this morning, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke revealed (via THR's Daniel Fienberg, on Twitter) that this year's Academy Awards ceremony would be forging ahead without a host for the second straight year. Those of you who watched this past Sunday's Golden Globes telecast may be extra okay with this decision.

So what do we have to look forward to? A-list stars presenting and announcing the winners of various categories, some musical numbers, probably a pre-taped opening involving a veritable cavalcade of stars. It'll be just like last year's Oscars ceremony, a thing many of us watched and have long since forgotten the details of (seriously, I'm having trouble remembering anything about that night beyond Green Book winning Best Picture). We'll probably have this conversation again next year.

Anyhoo, now you know what to expect when you tune into the Oscars on February 9th. Please plan accordingly.

(Note: Header photo by Cliff, used with permission via Flickr)