In Which Alex Garland’s DEVS Gets An Excellent Full Trailer

FX's new sci-fi series looks great.

If, like us, you've been waiting with feverish anticipation for the next project from director Alex Garland, I have good news: the wait is almost over. After month and months, Garland's limited FX series, Devs, will finally begin rolling out this March, and today brings us the very first full trailer for that series.

It will probably come as no surprise, given Garland's work on Ex Machina and Annihilation, that it looks very, very beautiful. And sinister!

As you can see, Devs is a bit of a paranoid sci-fi thriller starring Nick Offerman, Sonoya Mizuna, Alison Pill and Jin Ha, and revolves around "a young software engineer, Lily Chan, who investigates the secretive development division of her employer which she believes is behind her boyfriend’s murder." Though this is a self-contained story comprised of eight episodes, it appears FX is referring to this as the "Season 1" trailer, so maybe there's an opportunity for more if this season does well? Or maybe just calling it the "Devs: Season 1" trailer is easier than calling it the "Devs: 8-Part Limited Series" trailer. I don't know what goes on inside the mind of FX's marketing team, and neither do you.

Anyway, we're very hyped about this one, and eager to see what Garland's cooked up for us. We've been fans of the guy for a looong time (stretching all the way back to the publication of his The Beach, in 1996) and will be tuning in when Devs hits FX on March 5th. How 'bout y'all?