Our Universe’s Scott Derrickson Will Not Direct DOCTOR STRANGE: IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS

Maybe a different universe’s version of the director will step in.

Sad news for folks who super duper like Doctor Strange specifically because it was directed by Scott Derrickson. It looks like the director will not be on board for Strange’s second, probably much bigger, solo movie. To learn more, we turn to our reporter on the street, Scott Derrickson:

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this. Doctor Strange is not one of my favorite Marvel movies, which is crazy considering it has Scott Adkins in it. The visual style is cool and I like how most of it seems to basically be in real time. But on the other hand, the character isn’t all that likable (though I love him in the Avengers films to follow) and much of us seems like a retread of Iron Man/Batman Begins. I appreciate it, but it’s never one I like to throw on for fun.

How much blame for that falls to Derrickson, I have no idea. His voice isn’t super strong and even if it were, Marvel’s not exactly the place for anything but the biggest voices to stand out. I will say that the film’s super cool title seemed a little wild for what we got with part one. If they truly did part over creative differences, there could be something to read in that.

In any case, I am terribly sorry to interrupt your dinners with this news. I am done now. Please carry on.