BIRTH.VIDEO.DEATH: The Top 10 Fun Facts About Michael Bay

Featuring Michael Bay's official hype beast, Bayhem.

Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi's Bad Boys For Life hits theaters next weekend, and its arrival has us reflecting on the previous installments in the Bad Boys cycle (1995's Bad Boys and 2003's Bad Boys II). This, in turn, got us thinking about the man who started it all, the renegade action director who turned Will Smith into a movie star and himself into a multi-billion dollar industry, the Prince of Miami himself: Michael (Benjamin) Bay. 

Thinking about Michael Bay gets anyone excited, but today we're particularly hyped to be discussing Michael Bay Fun Facts. We scoured Wikipedia for the choicest cuts from Michael Bay's storied life and career, wrote them up in handy listicle format, and compiled the results into the video below. You'll note that our own Evan Saathoff lent his pipes to the narration on this one, while a very special guest (voiced by some jackass) serves as his co-star.

Alright. Enough intro. Please enjoy...

Special thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse's Laird Jimenez, who risked his eardrums to cut this together for us. We thank him for his service.

And, hey, speaking of the Alamo Drafthouse: if you plan on seeing Fallah and El Arbi's Bad Boys For Life at the Drafthouse this weekend, know that you'll have the pleasure of seeing the video above on the big screen! Just imagine how envious all your friends will be when you tell them! "Man," they'll say, "Did you hear Gregory (note: for the purposes of this scenario, your name is Gregory) saw Bad Boys For Life at the Alamo Drafthouse? And saw a giant talking skull on the big screen?" You'll be telling that story for the rest of your life.