Chris Rock Goes To War In The FARGO Season 4 Trailer

This might be the best FARGO cast yet.

While we wait to find out what his new Star Trek might look like, Noah Hawley is back on the small screen this spring with the long-awaited new season of Fargo. FX has released the first trailer for the fourth installment of the Coen brothers-inspired series, featuring another fantastic ensemble – in fact, this might be the best cast Hawley's assembled so far. Led by Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman, this season of Fargo heads back to the 1950s, where a war is brewing between two local mobs: the Italians (led by Schwartzman) and the black community (led by Rock). We've come to expect a distinctly dark sense of humor from Hawley, but based on this trailer, Fargo looks even more hilarious in its fourth season: 

The rats strung up as a "warning to the others" is a particularly great bit, as well as Schwartzman snorting pills and delivering deadpan lines like, "I'm gonna slow pump some babies into your daughter one at a time, and twice on Sundays." 

Fargo's fourth season premieres on April 19 and also stars Jessie Buckley, Timothy Olyphant, Uzo Aduba, Ben Whishaw, and Andrew Bird. Heck of a cast.