Robert Zemeckis Likely To Direct Whatever ARES Is

Probably not THAT Ares.

Robert Zemeckis has had an interesting go of it so far this century. The last film we’ve seen from him, Welcome to Marwen, hit kind of like a joke movie. And the one before that, Allied, was not an easy film to watch.

So I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to see whatever the next Robert Zemeckis film is. (After his upcoming adaptation of The Witches, I mean.) Having said that, it turns out one of his next films is likely to be called Ares, set up at Warner Bros.

Obviously, Ares is the God of War (the Marvel version is pictured above), but other than that we don’t know much about the film. It’s a science fiction story written by Captain Marvel’s Geneva Robertson-Dworet. At one point Roland Emmerich was attached to produce at MGM, if that tells you anything.

It doesn’t tell me much, but what the heck, maybe it’ll be worth checking out in like three years when it finally comes out. It’ll be nice to see Zemeckis in whizz-bang sci-fi mode. If that’s this film even is.