Rob Daviau And Isaac Childres’ RETURN TO DARK TOWER Announces Kickstarter

Get your hand on what is sure to be a must-play game.

The board game world is filled with stores you can visit in person to try out and buy new games, but it seems the real marketplace for a lot of these games is Kickstarter. The problems is, if you don’t have an ear constantly to the ground on these, it is very easy to have a major one come and go without ever even knowing about it. And once you finally learn about the game, it’s already out of print and way too expensive to pick up.

With that in mind, today a big one got launched. Return to Dark Tower looks like it’s going to be complicated, beautiful and amazing in all the best ways. Designed by Rob Daviau (Mountains of Madness, Pandemic Legacy Season 2) and Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven) along with Brian Neff, Justin D. Jacobson and Noah Cohen, everything is lined up for this to be a game you don’t want to miss in terms of both game play and production. I mean even without context, just look at this:

That component alone is NUTS.

Of special note here, Return to Dark Tower is being released by Restoration Games which partnered with Mondo Games to publish the incredible Unmatched, which I actually just spent three hours playing last night and will be reviewing soon. Suffice to say it is a lot of fun with superb design.

All the details you could ever want are over at the Kickstarter itself, including video of the game and the official rulebook available for download.