Silly Fools Try To Control Vin Diesel In This New BLOODSHOT Trailer

What idiots. It can’t be done!

Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Terms of Endearment, and now Bloodshot. You may think this Vin Diesel comic book adaptation coming out in March is just a film you can maybe see if you happen to be feeling it that weekend. Or maybe you’ll see it on a plane. Or maybe you’ll wait to stumble upon the second half of it on HBO one day. Ha! I’m afraid not. This is a film you have no choice but to see the big screen opening day.

Just look at this new trailer:

You’ve already seen the shot of Vin Diesel shooting fools even after having half his face blown off. Now you’ve seen it TWICE, and the coolness finally hits home. We won’t be angry and arguing about Oscar nominations next year because the Bloodshot sweep will have us in full agreement, finally bringing complete unity to the world of Film Twitter and beyond.

Bloodshot comes out March 13. Vin Diesel plays a guy in it who cannot die. But can he escape the control of his Guy Pearce overlords? Only time will tell. But the answer is yes.