Steve McQueen’s LAST DAYS Will Take Amazon Prime Viewers To Mars

McQueen's getting into the streaming game with a sci-fi series.

Here's some exciting news: according to a press release that just hit the ol' BMD inbox, wildly talented director Steve McQueen (Widows, 12 Years a Slave) has signed a deal to create new content for Amazon Prime, starting with an awesome-sounding sci-fi series by the name of Last Days.

What's Last Days about? I'm glad you asked! Take it away, press release:

"Last Days is a gripping sci-fi thriller where the world’s governments have secretly created a controversial plan to selectively colonize Mars in the wake of a dying Earth and the rise of AI. The series will follow one woman’s journey to explore the truth about where she came from, at the risk of losing everything she knows."

Says Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios:

“The award-winning talents of Steve McQueen seem to be endless, with his unique ability to craft stories that provoke, educate and entertain. With the compelling Last Days already in development, we are excited to see what else McQueen creates for our global Amazon Prime Video customers.”

This is all very exciting, but just so we're all clear: Last Days is probably a ways off. The series is currently "in development", but so far there's no word on who may star in the series, whether or not McQueen will be directing every episode (seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened!) or when it might premiere. Rest assured, however, that we're very curious about this one, and will definitely be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates.

Stay tuned. 

(Note: Header photo used with permission by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab)