Amazon Declines To Make The Journey To THE DARK TOWER

Well, this sucks.

First, the bad news: according to a new report over on Deadline, Amazon has declined to take its Dark Tower adaptation (from The Walking Dead vet Glen Mazzara and MRC) to series. A pilot was, indeed, filmed and delivered to execs at the streaming service, but apparently they felt the final product was "not on the level of other large-scope elevated genre series the streamer has in production/pre-production", such as Wheel Of Time or their massive Lord Of the Rings series.

Fair enough (I GUESS), but what happens now? Well, that's where the good news comes in: apparently they're already shopping around the two scripts that served as the series pilot, which we presume means they're trying to keep The Dark Tower alive via Netflix, Hulu or whoever else might be interested. Hey, who knows? Maybe HBO could get back in the game. They've flirted with a Dark Tower adaptation before, so it's not a totally insane thought.

Anyway, those two Dark Tower scripts are truly great and I'd kill to see the pilot they served to create for Amazon, but here's hoping that isn't necessary, and that Mazzara and company's passion project lands somewhere else. If you're a fan of this series, trust me when I say that this is a take on the material worth rooting for.

Please stay tuned as further Dark Tower updates roll in.