Surprise, The Safdie Bros Made A New Short Film With Adam Sandler


So, here's a fun thing: the Safdie Brothers, whose Uncut Gems was one of our absolute favorite movies of 2019, apparently shot an entire short film with Adam Sandler - on the streets of NYC! - without telling us about it first. Of course, Josh and Benny Safdie (the latter of whom appears in the short below) aren't under any obligation to give us a heads up whenever they're putting together something new, but still. We would've been excited if we'd known.

The short's called Goldman Vs. Silverman, and stars The Sandman and Safdie as two competing street performers, both of them just trying to make ends meet on a street corner somewhere in New York. It looks very much of a piece with the Safdie Bros' Good Time and Uncut Gems, and our sneaking suspicion is that they must've filmed this thing guerilla-style. 

See what you think:

Pretty cool! 

Of course, it's a shame that Uncut Gems was completely snubbed in this year's Oscar nominations (how does that even happen?), but it's exciting to see this team continuing to work together - and to apparently have a pretty fun time while doing it. Here's hoping that these collaborations continue, and that the Safdie Bros' next feature film project, whatever it may be, is even half as good as Uncut Gems. We await its arrival with endless excitement.