And in one handy article.

The folks at THR have a few notable sequel updates today, and there's a little something for almost everyone. (I said almost, so you can't yell at me in the comments, this is legally binding.) Let's break them down from NO DOY to WHAT: 

First up is Bad Boys 4, which is a major no-duh-ya-doinkus considering the huge opening weekend for Bad Boys For Life. Sony has already enlisted Chris Bremner, who worked on the screenplay for the third film, to return for the fourth. Unfortunately, they're gonna have to come up with a snappy new title since they jumped the gun on Bad Boys For Life – they could've put a "4" in there! That's okay. Our planet is literally burning itself into oblivion and no one is thinking that far into the future because the future probably doesn't exist!

Next on the ol' docket is a sequel to Don't Breathe, the 2016 horror-thriller from director Fede Alvarez. While Alvarez is currently preoccupied with a couple of projects (including one described as "The Shining in the White House," per a report last fall), he's enlisted his collaborator and screenwriting partner Rodo Sayagues to direct the sequel. Per THR, the sequel is "set several years after the home invasion of the first movie, with the Blind Man [Stephen Lang] living in quiet solace…until his past sins catch up to him." Sounds like Jane Levy's protagonist might be back and ready for some revenge. 

And finally, the WHAT news: Buried at the end of THR's report on Bad Boys 4 (4 Congress? 4-Ever? Eh, they'll figure it out) is a very interesting note about screenwriter Chris Bremner: He's also working on National Treasure 3 for Sony. That's it. That's the update. No word on whether Nic Cage will return or what irresistible national (or international) artifacts he might be pursuing, but if he isn't involved, this news goes from WHAT to OKAY faster than Lil Jon (if you enjoyed this joke from 2004, please subscribe and share).