Hey, Austin: Come See GRETEL & HANSEL With Us!

We're giving away tickets to Osgood Perkins' latest chiller! Get in here!

Over the past few years, Osgood Perkins has emerged as one of the more interesting new voices in the horror genre, and his latest directorial effort, Gretel & Hansel, further cements that status. Perkins' take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale is well worth your time, and will be of particular interest to those of you who loved Robert Eggers' The Witch or Perkins' The Blackcoat's Daughter.

And now we'd like you to come watch the movie with us! We've partnered up with the good folks at Orion for a very special screening of Perkins' latest, and we've got 20 tickets to give away to anyone who'd like to attend. The screening takes place right here in Austin, TX on January 28th, 7PM at the Charles Johnson House (at the American Legion, 404 Atlanta St., 78703). There'll be food, drinks, and even a Q&A with Perkins himself after the film!

So how do you claim your tickets? Easy: email your name and address to [email protected] and tell us what your favorite Brothers Grimm fairy tale is. Let us know if you need one ticket or two, and we'll get you squared away...just as long as supplies last! If you've been selected, we'll hit you back with an email saying as much this coming Friday. Pretty easy, right? 

Well, Austin, you've got your marching orders! Mark January 28th on your calendars, shoot us an email, and stand by to hear if you've won! Everyone else: prepare yourselves for Gretel & Hansel, which hits theaters on January 31st.