THE CLONE WARS Season 7 Gets An Action-Packed Trailer

Just in case you needed a reminder that STAR WARS can be awesome.

I come to you as a convert. For years I looked at Clone Wars as an inferior Star Wars product, simply because I didn’t like the way it looked. But as those years passed, a fervent vocal outcry proclaiming the show’s quality became harder to ignore. I resolved to watch it should I ever get the chance, safely knowing I would never get the chance.

Then Disney+ happened and I am now three seasons into the show. Everyone was right; Clone Wars is incredible. While yes, the character models take some getting used to, the movement and action is anything but stiff and cheap, particularly the space battles. It turns out, this show actually looks quite beautiful.

But the visuals are nothing compared to the writing. All over the place (and remember, I’m only three seasons in; it supposedly gets even better), Clone Wars delivers the kind of characters and stories and smart choices you want to see from a show set in this galaxy. Anakin is not a whiny brat, for instance, because they give him a Padawan, automatically making him a peer to the other Jedi, which heightens the emotional stakes of the betrayal we all know will eventually arrive. That’s just one example of how knowing and clever the show is.

Above all, Clone Wars knows where its story is headed and patiently grounds everything in oncoming tragedy, one you manage to forget all the time during its frequent three-episode arcs. After a while, you do have to remind yourself the Clone Troopers will eventually become villains, the Jedi order will fall, and Palpatine will reveal himself as the puppet master playing both sides of this endless war against each other. I could never connect to the prequels emotionally, yet I am fully invested in The Clone Wars to the extent that I wonder if it might actually improve Revenge of the Sith (probably not).

Anyway, fans have been waiting seemingly forever for the show’s final season to arrive. That day is almost here, and now we have proof in the form of a glorious trailer filled with narrative promise:

This comes to Disney+ February 21. I will absolutely not be caught up by then, but I promise to catch it when I am ready.