Want a blu-ray of one of the year's best films? Sure you do!

Bong Joon Ho is much loved around these parts, and for good reason - has he made anything less than a great movie so far? If so, I haven't seen it. Each of his films have been inventive and different from one another, but accessible, which is key to his success - they're "art house" types delivered in a commercial manner, allowing pretty much everyone to enjoy them. And while the others have been rightfully acclaimed, Parasite has broken through into the mainstream here in the US, something that's eluded his previous films (Snowpiercer probably would have done that if the goddamned Weinsteins had given it a real release, but I digress). But after winning the Palme d'Or last May, it has been on an unstoppable run, scoring an impressive $30m and counting in the US to add to its $120m or so in other territories, and now it's got a handful of Oscar nominations to boast - including the very first South Korean film to be nominated for Best Picture. Not too shabby!

So I'm guessing some of you can't wait to get your hand on a copy, right? It'll hit shelves in just a few days - January 28th to be exact - but if you're patient and don't mind waiting a few more days, why not enter to win a Blu-ray copy for free, courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment? To win, all you have to do (besides be a US resident) is email [email protected] with your name, mailing address, and favorite South Korean film. Get the entries in by Tuesday, and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter. Simple enough, right? Good luck to the entrants, and watch the Oscars on February 9th to see if it can score a few of its deserved awards!