Comedian Conner O’Malley Is Responsible For The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today

Not for the first time.

We are fans of comedian Conner O'Malley's, er, particular brand of humor here at Birth.Movies.Death. Whether he's battling horniness in Netflix's I Think You Should Leavecompletely unnerving people on the streets of New York, or waging an all-out social media war against former Starbuck's CEO (and failed Presidential contender) Howard Schultz, we have consistently found ourselves unable to look away from O'Malley's unhinged antics. Your mileage will almost certainly vary - O'Malley's brand is abrasive, often upsetting in a hard-to-define way, and almost always very, very loud - but Team BMD is very firmly onboard the inexplicable Conner O'Malley train.

So, here we are with one of O'Malley's strangest creations yet. While I'm not sure how I'd even go about describing it, it did seem memorable enough to put in front of you, the gentle BMD readers of the world. Some of you will be upset to see that we've set aside prime, Friday-afternoon real estate on the front page for the video you're about to see, and we do apologize. As it happens, this post was not intended for you, but for the very small sub-section of BMD readers who will appreciate this sort of thing. 

As spotted by the good folks over at Kotaku, this is "Hudson Yards Video Game". The clip itself runs nearly nine minutes in length - that's what happens when you allow an entire Tool song (2002's "Schism") to play over poorly-rendered footage of a CGI O'Malley wrestling with his demons against a hallucinogenic backdrop - and offers very little narrative for me to recount here. O'Malley hits NYC's Hudson Yards, pretends to be a video game character, the Tool breakdown happens, and then...well, that's about it, really. 

But good lord, is it hard to stop watching.

Anyway, there it is. That's it. Your daily dose of weird internet shit. You are no more enlightened than you were when you began watching that clip - or are you? - and may need time to decide whether or not you even enjoyed it. That's understandable, but here's hoping that it added something a little extra to your day (and, if not, that you can appreciate what it's added to ours).