Timo Tjahjanto's back with a wild-looking sequel to his 2018 chiller.

I'll tell you who we like around here, is that Timo Tjahjanto.

I mean, talk about a one-two punch: Tjahjanto's 2018 horror film May The Devil Take You was a gnarly little genre exercise, and then he went and followed it mere months later with The Night Comes For Us, an absolute barn-burner of an action flick (both of these movies are yours to watch on Netflix even as we speak; if you're unfamiliar, do consider adding them to your queue). 

Now Tjahjanto's back with a May The Devil Take You sequel, and guess what? Looks like it, too, will whip an unholy amount of ass. 

Oh, yes. We're all in for that.

So, when will we get to see it? That remains to be seen. According to The Playlist (who brought the above trailer to our attention, and we thank 'em for it), May The Devil Take You Too will hit Indonesian theaters on February 27th, but there appears to be no further information on when we'll be able to see it in the States. Fingers crossed that it won't be long! This one looks just as inspired and wild as the original, and we're hyped to check it out. 

Stay tuned for more on May The Devil Take You Too as further updates roll in.