See Bryan Cranston Remake THE SHINING For Mountain Dew Zero

Ruh-roh. Super Bowl commercial season is here.

The Super Bowl's happening this weekend, and you know what that means.

That's right: it's time for wildly expensive, star-studded, VFX-heavy, sometimes questionable commercials from all of your favorite #brands. Of course there will be new movie trailers (don't worry, we'll have you covered on Sunday night if you don't feel like watching the Big Game), and of course there'll be a few unexpectedly awesome ads amongst this year's crop of contenders, but there will also be stuff like the above, which will either delight or infuriate fans of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining ("Yo did they just say 'better than the original'?"), depending on your level of tolerance for stuff like this. Obviously the clip above has been pulled from a much longer commercial, and we're, ah, morbidly curious to see what else said commercial might entail.

Anyway. Super Bowl Commercial Season is officially upon us. Be safe out there, everyone.