ONE PIECE To Never End With A Live-Action Netflix Series

This franchise will outlive you and several coastlines.

Netflix has been very busy in the live-action anime adaption department. They've already adapted Bleach, Death Note, and FullMetal Alchemist to, shall we say, variable results. Live-action versions of Cowboy Bebop and Avatar: The Last Airbender (don't fight me on this) are on their way to the streaming service. And now we can add One Piece to this illustrious list.

According to the official One Piece Netflix Twitter account, progression on the series (which was announced in 2017) is moving forward, with a 10-episode first season getting greenlit by Netflix. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda will be overseeing the live-action series, although who knows where he'll find the time considering the manga and the anime are still running. No casting information has been made public, so place your fancasts for Monkey D. Luffy and the long-nosed guy in the comments, I guess.

It's hard to feel passionate about this news either way because when I first heard about it, it prompted me to look up the One Piece anime on Wikipedia and I was shocked to learn the series--whose English dub debuted when I was in the second grade--is still airing, pushing 919 episodes at the time of this writing. Are there any devoted fans of the show who read this site? Are they still looking for that treasure? What kind of premise can sustain a show about a rubber pirate for that long? What am I even doing here?

The live-action One Piece will debut on Netflix sometime in the future, and continue ad infinitum because it's not burdened by flesh like you or I.