A QUIET PLACE PART II’s Super Bowl Spot Is Now Online

(And, depending on your tolerance for this kinda thing, may be somewhat spoilery.)

Maybe we're imagining things, but it seems like studios are taking a somewhat different approach to their Super Bowl campaigns this year. Warner Bros. and Sony are sitting out the game completely, while others are already throwing their wildly-expensive ads online. Sonic The Hedgehog and Spongebob Squarepants dropped their ads earlier this week. The new Fast and Furious (F9, if ya nasty) will unleash its big spot later this afternoon. And now, at 8AM the Friday before the Super Bowl, Paramount has dropped their highly-anticipated spot for John Krasinski's A Quiet Place Part II. Is this a little confusing? Sure. Does it matter? No, not really - but it does mean the BMD staff won't need to be as glued to its computers on a Sunday evening, and in that sense it's totally cool with us. 

But enough of that. You're here to see new A Quiet Place Part II footage, and show it to you we shall. One quick word of warning, however: the spot below might be considered a little spoilery. You'll know why less than one second into its thirty-second runtime. If you'd prefer to stay completely unspoiled on A Quiet Place Part II, you may want to consider skipping this one entirely. And, er, shielding your eyes during the game.

Here we go.

Wouldja look at that, it's A Quiet Place Part II director John Krasinski, who very memorably died during the first A Quiet Place! Looks like Krasinski's getting in on the flashback action we glimpsed in this film's first trailer, which we're further guessing is how A Quiet Place Part II will kick off - a "The Day The Creatures Arrived" sorta deal. We'll allow it.

As for the rest of the spot: there's some new stuff in here, but the spot itself is so terribly brief that it doesn't end up feeling all that substantial. You've got your post-apocalyptic American landscape, picked over and left barren by those noise-hating creatures; you've got the suggestion that Emily Blunt and company will be dealing with dangerous survivors in addition to said creatures this time around; you've got a few money shots, to sell the fence-sitters. It's an OK spot, but really it's only notable for that Krasinski cameo.

At any rate, we're still looking forward to this one, and will be there when A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters on March 20th. How 'bout you? Sound off in the comments below.