F9 Honors Han’s Return With One More Character Poster

There may be justice for Han, after all.

By now you've had enough time to collect your brain matter from off the floor and shove it back in your noggin after watching that wild-ass F9 trailer – Charlize's bowl cut! Another impossible car stunt! A Pontiac Fiero?! Han...? SECRET BROTHERS!

But also: HAN! Yes, Sung Kang's beloved Fast & Furious character has returned... somehow. For years, fans have demanded #JusticeForHan, who was killed by Jason Statham's dastardly Deckard Shaw. Instead of giving Han the justice he deserved, the F&F series not only welcomed Shaw into the #Family, but they gave him his very own damn spinoff (with Dwayne Johnson, no less), and even worse: It wasn't very good. 

The time for Han's justice may be nigh, however, and based on this very special character poster – revealed by Universal after the trailer drop – it looks like the powers-that-be behind the franchise (looking at you, Vin) are extremely aware of the debt they owe: 

First of all, that is an approprtiately cool poster for Han. Secondly – um, I'm not sure how else to say this but, that's probaby not the real Han, right? It's gotta be a clone. Or something. Beyond the high-octane car chases and logic-defying stunts, the Fast & Furious franchise is, at its heart, a soap opera. By design, the narrative has to grow increasingly cuckoo-bananas, and at this point there's nowhere to go but space... and clones. 

Whoever this Han is, we hope he finally gets the justice he deserves and that it is swift and merciless.