BLACK WIDOW Spins A Superbowl TV Spot

Here's your new glock-wielding family.

Along with the spiders in the BMD Super Bowl Party queso, we're getting a second dose of arachnid exposure with the Big Game Spot for Marvel's Black Widow. I'll get out of the way and let the 30-second teaser speak for itself:

There are some new shots of setpieces and a morose monologue from ScarJo about "family" and choosing a path for one's self. Very heady themes, I know. The TV spot also brings with it new character posters:

Black Widow is coming out in less than three months now and the degree to which I am anxious to see it is directly proportional to how fun I expect watching Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz mug each other with Eastern European accents will be. Are the rest of you any more or less hyped? Make your voice heard below.