Here’s TOP GUN: MAVERICK’S Super Bowl TV Spot

Please don't suck.

Oh. Hello, everyone!

The BMD staff is currently waist-deep in Super Bowl appetizers and poorly-mixed cocktails, but we heard that some of you aren't watching the game? That's fine - believe us, we get it - but if you aren't following along at home, do be aware that you just missed a brand-new TV spot for Top Gun: Maverick. It's basically a trimmed-down version of the same trailer you've already seen, but this one has a new shot of Jennifer Connelly in it. 

What're we gonna do? Not run it?

Alright, back to figuring out what the fuck went wrong with this queso (we think Evan put spiders in it; he tries so hard to be like us and yet he still does not understand). Y'all enjoy your Super Bowl parties, we'll keep running the good stuff as it comes in. 

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on June 26th.