NO TIME TO DIE Gets Its Own Super Bowl TV Spot

And it's well worth watching!

Oh, hello again, everyone.

It's the Super Bowl. We're all doing our best to maintain. And yet, the movie trailers just keep on a-comin'. The latest? A new spot for Cary Fukunaga's No Time to Die, the 25th Bond movie and the reason that many of us remain unwilling to walk into the ocean right now. We know precious little about the plotline of this movie, but we're drawing ever and ever closer to this one's arrival in theaters, so we're at least getting some new footage to gawk at.

Take a look:

That was pretty great! And we're all very excited! Hey, on an unrelated note, if you were having a Super Bowl party and someone overdosed in the bathroom - let's say, just for the sake of discussion, that it was BMD managing editor Evan Saathoff - would you call an ambulance immediately or attempt resuscitation on your own? This is entirely hypothetical, of course, nothing for any of you to worry about.

 Cary Fukunaga's No Time to Die hits theaters on April 10th.