Wanna See THE INVISIBLE MAN’s New Super Bowl Spot?

This Invisible Man seems like a real dick.

Hello, again, everyone.

The BMD Super Bowl party is still going strong (does anyone know how to remove bloodstains from shag carpeting? Please email the BMD inbox immediately), but we thought you should all be aware that Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man has a new TV spot. I know, I know - you've seen enough Invisible Man trailers and are already sold on seeing this movie. So are we. But maybe a few of our readers aren't, and need this Super Bowl spot to put them over the edge. 

For them, there's this:

Listen, does anyone need anything from the fridge? I'm getting up on the next commercial break and I'll get you sorted. 

The Super Bowl's onslaught of marketing continues. The Invisible Man hits theaters on February 28th.