HAMILTON Is Hitting The Big Screen Via - Who Else? - Disney

The room where it happened was probably an entire bank.

It is finally happening. Hamilton is hitting the big screen, allowing all those who did not have funds to see it live a chance to participate… in 2021, two years after the film was used as a punchline indicator of Don Johnson’s cluelessness in Knives Out.

This is going to be the real deal for those still interested. The original cast will be featured, and it was filmed at The Richard Rodgers Theatre before everyone started separating to other things. We’ve known this was inevitable, but here it is. October 15, 2021 brought to you by Disney.

Despite all my snark, I am of course going to buy a ticket to this. My days of listening to Hamilton are well behind me, but I truly was obsessed for a while there, and I always wanted to know how what I heard actually looked on stage. Now I finally will. The fact that I’m no longer interested is but a trifling detail.

So there you have it. In less than two years, we will finally know if Hamilton was better than Cats.