The New SAW Movie Has Been Given A Title (And One Helluva Poster)

Alright. We're in.

Well, the rumors were true - the new Saw is called Spiral: From The Book of Saw.

We can argue all day as to whether or not that's a good title (we're not crazy about it!), but there's no denying that the film's just-released poster is a goddamn knockout. Just look at this thing.

No floating heads! No Photoshop collage of characters! Yes, they got the classic "blue-and-orange" tones in there, but they've done something interesting with them! It is not often that we see a one-sheet that genuinely impresses. This one certainly qualifies. Still not hyped about that title, but this will do nicely. 

Some of you may have heard that the first trailer for Spiral leaked online yesterday. Of course we don't run bootlegged trailers around these parts, but the consensus among the BMD staff members who viewed it was: "Whoa, this looks pretty great?" We'll hold off on any further commentary until we get the official trailer (given today's poster drop, I'd expect that very, very soon), but for now it's safe to say that Team BMD is legitimately curious - possibly even excited! - for this movie. Will wonders never cease.

Stay tuned for more on Spiral: From The Book of Saw as further updates become available. Movie hits theaters on May 15th.