Any Game Pitching Itself As GRAND THEFT CTHULHU Has Our Attention


Video games tied to the work of H.P. Lovecraft aren't exactly rare, but good games with a Lovecraft connection have always been in short supply. Fanclub's Dead Static Drive (headed to XBOX One, Game Pass and Steam sometime this year) could go either way, but based on the game's first teaser trailer...we're thinking they've got a good shot at pulling this off. 

Take a look.

As you can see, Dead Static Drive is an isometric survival game, one which will turn you loose in an environment crawling with Lovecraftian beasties before tasking you with navigating your way out of it. How you go about doing that sounds to be a matter of choice, or possibly via randomly generated circumstance (it's not entirely clear at this point if Dead Static Drive is a roguelike, but we're thinking not). Whatever the case may be, it looks great.


"Players will have a number of ways to customize their experience beyond making decisions to make friends or enemies, however. The game will offer a number of different wardrobe options, and there will be a handful of different weapons and tools to add to your inventory, as well. It also appears that Dead Static Drive will feature a number of different vehicles to steal, including what looks an awful lot like a Camaro, a van, a police cruiser, and more."

There's not really much to go on here beyond the teaser above and the "2020" release date, but we're definitely curious to learn more about this title, and will be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates. Stay tuned for those, and do watch your step when you go outside today. You never know what might erupt out of the ground and fuck up your whole day.