It’s Official: KNIVES OUT Is Getting A Sequel

Behold, the best news you'll hear today.

Well, it seemed inevitable, what with the original's $300M worldwide box office take, but now it's been made official: Rian Johnson's Knives Out is getting a sequel, with Rian Johnson (presumably) onboard to write and direct and Daniel Craig (presumably) set to return as Benoit Blanc, master detective. What's more, Deadline's report on the matter suggests that it'll be along sooner rather than later:

"Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said Thursday during the company’s third-quarter earnings call that a sequel to Knives Out is officially a go, hinting that a production start for a follow-up to the money-making and critically acclaimed Rian Johnson whodunit is imminent."

Both Johnson and Craig have been very vocal about their interest in returning to this genre and this character, respectively, and it wasn't more than a few weeks ago that Johnson himself was on the record as saying that he was already in the process of developing a sequel, and hoping to tackle the project quickly, "possibly within the next year." Sounds like he got his wish.

We are, of course, huge fans of Knives Out here at Birth.Movies.Death., just as we are big fans of noted Rob Zombie enthusiast Rian Johnson. We look forward to hearing more about this project as further updates roll in, and will have those in front of you just as soon as we learn more. Stay tuned, and please spend the interim in the comments below, pitching us with your best ideas for how Johnson can bring back Noah Segan for the sequel.